About Us

Elle St. John and her son Ben have been making videos about the Law of Attraction and Spiritual Spells throughout the world since 2016 via YouTube. Their successful YouTube Channel Rose For A Soul has been an attraction for so many people throughout the world. Elle St. John has been doing spiritual work for more than 30 years. She also does spells for people throughout the world. In having been casting numerous spells for people throughout the world, she strongly believes that we all have the power to cast spells of our own. Whether it is attracting a specific person into our life, getting rid of a third party, attracting money, attracting luck, or cleansing ourselves from negative energies, we all have it in us to believe and to attract what we want. In this website you will find candles, herbs, bathes and bracelets that may support your journey to manifesting. It is all possible. Blessings and Namaste

The Rose Botanika Team 🌹